June 2019 was the time for fitting the balcony, and also a wooden sill to make viewing the ice house well safer, and some steps to make it easier for people under 6'.


Whilst an excellent piece of work, the balcony was heavy (around 40kg), and given it needed to be fitted on the inside of the well, from the outside, some ingenuity was needed.

In the end we decided to mount two brackets on the domed roof, which could have pulleys attached, so we could lift the balcony on two ropes, whilst a third person dealt with the final positioning.

The actual fixing comprised strips of 2" x 1" timber screwed to the inside of the well just below the edge of the aperture to take the weight, and four strong steel brackets to support the specially designed protrusions at top and bottom of the balcony.  Given the weight, brackets were held in with screwed rods resin bonded into the brickwork.




As we do not want people to drop their mobile phones down the cavity of the well, and wish to minimise damage to the bricks, we decided to fit an oak sill, complete with a viewing panel for the cavity, which Andy Peters was kind enough to build for us.




A set of rugged caravan steps was purchased and these are perfect to allow easy viewing to the ice house well.  We have chained them to the wall to avoid them 'walking off'.

My thanks to the team who helped with the difficult work of fixing the balcony.  




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Last modified: 21/06/2019