Andy Peters has been progressing the brickwork, and by late July had completed the front arch.  It was therefore time to see if we could remove the arch former without having to totally destroy it.  Fortunately after a couple of hours work, the former was able to slide forward out of the arch without having to perform major surgery!

Note how nice the brickwork looks, and three of the bat bricks now in place.





The arch former has been re-built to allow for the slightly different shape of the middle arch at the ice-house end, and is ready to be put in place for the rear arch next week.


In the meantime, Andy re-built the east wall that had collapsed outwards causing the third arch to fail.  The last picture shows the gap between the new wall and the earth where the old wall was resting.  This gap will need to be filled with concrete to stop the new wall going the same way!




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Last modified: 02/08/2017