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Deep in the Oxfordshire country, a few miles east of Oxford, is a delightful old country house and garden centre called Waterperry, next to the village of the same name.

On the Waterperry grounds is a large mound of earth, used to support a tall water tower which was once used to irrigate the gardens.

What is not obvious at first glance is what lurks beneath that mound - the Waterperry Ice House.

This website tells you all about it.



Waterperry House

The Waterperry Estate comprises 83 acres of Oxfordshire land, with a delightful large country house (Waterperry House), and a thriving garden centre (Waterperry Gardens).









Ice has long been a vital commodity for keeping food fresh for longer (as will as allowing one to put a cube or two in one's gin and tonic).  Long before the invention of mechanical methods of creating ice, natural ice was stored in ice houses for use throughout the year (at least by those rich enough to afford one).  The whole background story to the supply and storage of ice in the 18th and 19th centuries is a fascinating one, and we have some of this on the website.




Waterperry, like most large country estates, had (and has) an ice house, the entrance of which is visible on the north side of the mound.

The actual ice house is in excellent condition, but unfortunately the entrance tunnel was damaged, and needed to be repaired / rebuilt before it would be safe to allow public access.

This website is designed to make you aware of this little gem at Waterperry, and keep you informed of our progress in restoring it.


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