We are fortunate in having willing volunteers to tackle some of the work, but we will have to hire a digger & driver (twice) for the earth moving, purchase materials (bricks etc), pay a professional bricklayer for the repair work, and pay an electrical company to run the supply and fit the lights.

Currently we estimate the overall cost to make the tunnel safe and in a position to be opened to guided tours to be around 7,000.

The hope is to raise this by private donations, and so far we have raised in excess of 3,000 (before Gift Aid has been added).  If you wish to help financially, there are two ways to do it:

1) Print off the donation form, fill it in, and send it with a cheque payable to:



       School of Economic Science

    11-13 Mandeville Place , London W1U 3AJ

Please write on the back of the cheque 'ICE HOUSE ACCOUNT' just in case the cheque gets separated from the form.

Note as the school is a charity, if you are a tax payer, please tick the 'Gift Aid' box and we can reclaim the tax you have paid to add to the fund.

2) On your next visit to Waterperry Gardens, drop into Gordon's wonderful museum and tell him you wish to make a donation.  He will have the means for this, and will also have the donation form.  Again please tick the 'Gift Aid' box if you are a tax payer.


If you would like to get physically involved in the project, please let me know by e-mail - details at the bottom of this page.

Steve Pegrum



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