The plan was to put three very sturdy timber beams (9" x 4", or 225mm x 100mm if you prefer) across the vertical wall to give the main support.  These were 4m long, to completely fill the width of the 'trench'.  Any protruding areas of earth behind the beams had to be removed to enable the beams to sit comfortably against the bulk of the earth.

These beams were to be held in place by 5 short vertical scaffold boards with screws holding all together, using spacers as necessary to compensate for the varying angles of the earth wall.

Once this frame was ready, the dangerous section of earth was to be covered with plastic to reduce the drying out of the clay.


Note the horizontal timbers were tied to the tree stumps above whilst the positioning was sorted, and the whole frame still held in place by a couple ropes to avoid it falling forward before the props could be put into position.


The next stage was to prop the frame with Acrow props, fixed at an angle of approximately 45°, in line with each of the outer 4 scaffold boards.  The top of the props were fixed to the frame via angled pads screwed to the vertical scaffold boards, to which the props were then screwed.

The lower end of the props were seated against and screwed to a length of 6" x 6" timber (150mm x 150mm) sunk into a pit some 1' (300mm) deep.  These timbers were angled at 45°with stout iron spikes (1" or 25mm thick) hammered in at the appropriate angle for support.  The latter were from Attwools, our Art in Action tent suppliers and are generally used to keep large marquees from blowing away.






So far only the lower 4 props have been put into place, with the upper 4 to be fitted before the end of the month.

Once all are in place, the pits will be filled with cement to give a very strong 'pad' capable of supporting any pressure caused by the props holding up the earth wall.


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